Tech & Ops Committee

The EENA Committee is a working group providing expertise on operational and technical issues related to emergency services. The Committee facilitates knowledge-sharing via the production of added-value documents, and shares expertise via webinars for EENA Members. Committee members are in direct contact via dedicated mailing lists, where key-issues are discussed and debated.


Operational work

The EENA Committee creates requirements and recommendations for European emergency services, stimulates sharing of best practices and reviews the different PSAP models in Europe and the world.

National 112 Systems presentations are available to EENA members upon request. They are extended presentations covering the whole functioning of emergency services in a European country (EU and non-EU countries). You can also read the abstract of EENA's "Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) - Global edition" document, 2017 edition, HERE.

Check out all available operational documents HERE.


Technical work

Citizens use IP-based communications every day, but emergency services are hardly reachable by means other than standard voice communications. The  Committee works to establish requirements so that emergency services can be accessed via a whole range of IP-communications, as well as to make emergency services more interoperable using Next Generation Networks. To that end, the Committee shares expertise on and debates related to emergency apps, next generation 112 (NG112) and more.

Check out all available technical documents HERE and webinars HERE.