Join us in raising awareness of the European emergency number 112! Find below some campaigns EENA is involved to raise awareness of the common European emergency number 112.  

About the 112 awareness campaigns

Less than half of European citizens identify 112 as the number to call in an emergency anywhere in the EU, and 70% did not come across any information about the European emergency number 112 in their country. With the increasing number of Europeans travelling throughout the EU, awareness of the common European emergency number is now more needed than ever.

EENA would like to thank all of our awareness partners for their contribution to spreading the 112 message!

112 Erasmus campaign

Erasmus agencies committed to inform young people about the emergency number 112.

112 Campsite campaign

Campsites around the EU inform visitors about the common European emergency number.

112 Air Campaign

Airports and airlines were invited to display promotional material in key areas and make an announcement about 112 when landing.

AirBNB – EENA partnership

On European 112 Day 2016 (11 February), Airbnb updated their safety card to include 112 as the pan European emergency number.