The EENA Tech & Ops Committee is a working group providing expertise on operational and technical issues related to emergency services. The Committee facilitates knowledge-sharing via the production of added-value documents, and shares expertise via webinars for EENA Members.

What we do

As suggested by its name, the EENA Tech & Ops Committee covers both technical and operational issues related to emergency response. From eCall and apps, and from NG112 to location, this Committee is the place in Europe to find the expertise and knowledge to push forward safety for citizens.

Don’t believe us? The EENA Tech & Ops Committee has produced over 100 documents open to everyone, as well as dozens of webinars sharing best practices among the public safety community.

Meet the eena Tech & Ops committee

EENA would like to thank all current and past Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs. Generating these resources would not be possible without them!

Speaking of…

Luca Bergonzi


Luca is a telecommunications engineer, with experience in Signal Processing, Network simulations, VoIP networking & QA and software development. Currently, he is consolidating his skills in managing national and international governmental projects, dealing with complex solutions integration and control rooms deployment. He developed skills in solutions validation and certification, product demos/trials, technical speeches and other pre-sales activities. In Beta 80 group, he works on projects concerning software development and IT systems integration of control rooms for emergency management & public safety. His duties include the collection of requirements from customers/prospects, technical and economic proposals writing and preparation of answers to tenders. He runs product demos and participates to the R&D activities, as solution designer.


Wolfgang Kampichler


As Principal at Frequentis, Wolfgang Kampichler is actively contributing to innovation and technical expertise for future Public Safety communication or technologies in Europe and abroad. In this role he is a recognised expert on NG9-1-1/NG112 and speaker at industry and customer events addressing topics related to VoIP and emergency services. He is an engineer by profession. Wolfgang started his career as a research assistant at the Department of Computer Science (Vienna University of Technology) and was awarded with the degree of Doctor in technical sciences in 2002. Since then he has acquired international expertise in emergency communications when chairing and co-chairing the planning committee for the NENA Industry Collaboration Event #5 (ICE 5) and #6 (ICE 6) and supporting ETSI NG112 Plugtests as technical expert. Wolfgang represents Frequentis with his profound knowledge to support standardisation working groups in public safety (ETSI SC EMTEL) and air traffic management (EUROCAE). He holds the position as Co-Chair of the EENA Technical and Operational Committee and focuses on technical topics ranging from the discussion of standards and deployment of IP-based emergency services to information sharing for safety-critical issues. Wolfgang is also initiator and co-developer of DEC112, a private initiative to provide accessibility to Austrian emergency services, utilizing NG9-1-1/NG112 core technology.

Ciaran Moynihan


Henning Schmidtpott


Henning is responsible for IT-Management at the PSAP in Freiburg/Germany and has longtime active experience by working in emergency services since 2000. He is still working as a 112 dispatcher. Henning as a BA degree in Computer Science and will finish his master studies with a focus on cybersecurity next year. Currently he tries to improve location information for PSAPs in Germany.

Thor Nielsen


As one of the founders of nWise, his focus has been to sell and integrate our technical solutions, which enable accessibility to telecommunication for people who are Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing (D, DB, HH). Since 2001, Thor has worked with the development, deployment, and operation of the MMX® platform, which is used by Telecommunication Relay Services and connects calls made by people who are D, DB and HH to Emergency Services.

He works closely with service providers, solution developers, system integrators and telecom operators while interacting with regulatory authorities, user organizations, governmental authorities, and other stakeholders. He is an active member of NENA (North American Emergency Number Association) and EENA (European Emergency Number Association), and his goal is to make sure that meaningful accessibility to emergency services is a priority.

Since 2005, nWise has implemented Real-time Text (RTT) in their solutions. They further incorporated RTT into the concept of Total Conversation, which combines three different media in one session (voice, video, RTT).

Iratxe Gomez


With and IT background but a rather functional / operational orientation, Iratxe is currently the presales manager of Global Emergency Management Solutions, within the Command & Control and Intelligence area which is part of the Mission Critical Systems unit at Atos. With over 10 years of experience as international consultant in public safety, she is also one of the Atos Experts in the Telecom & Networks domain, more precisely in the Next Generation Emergency Technologies subdomain (NG112 & NG911). She is a familiar face for the EENA community, first as member of the Advisory Board and committees since 2008 and then as co-chair of the Operations Committee in 2015 and 2016, authoring multiple publications and being a speaker in several conferences, and then also as the EENA Operations Director, before returning to Atos in 2018.

In her spare time she is a volunteer at VOST Europe, being one of the Community Managers and liaising with international teams, and she is based in Bilbao (northern Spain)

Alfonso Zamarro


Alfonso is an entrepreneur passionate about how to combine technology and public safety to solve global issues. He started working with EENA in different drone projects since 2015. He also contributed to the launch of the EENA Crisis Tech Startup Program, aiming to bring startups closer to first responders. Now, he is the Drones Activities Manager, leading & coordinating all drone-related projects within the EENA framework. Alfonso is also the CEO & Co-founder of Unblur, a startup helping incident commanders in the field cope with real-time data in the field.

Michael Proestler


As Founder and CEO of GridGears, Michael Proestler is driving the company’s vision of creating highly efficient, interconnected and multimedia capable emergency services by providing standardized components and contributing to the standards. Michael actively supports and promotes the standards by sharing his knowledge in EENA organized webinars and published documents. Additionally, he provides his expertise to develop NG112 conformance test specifications as a technical expert in ETSI’s STF 549 and TTF T009.

Michael has more than 10 years of experience in Public Safety. Starting out as a software engineer, designing and implementing mission-critical systems for public safety, he later provided his extensive technical knowledge as a consultant and then founded GridGears in 2017. Michael graduated from Vienna University of Technology in 2008 with a master’s degree in Computer Science. During his last year at the university, he started working in the Public Safety sector and the challenging and meaningful characteristics of that business captivated him ever since.

David Fredman


David Fredman is Operations Manager and co-founder of Heartrunner Sweden AB.

With a background in clinical medicine and research, David has over the years nursed an interest in exploring methods to save lives in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with early intervention and he’s been involved in several clinical trials. As a member of the Swedish CPR council David was one of the driving forces behind setting up the Swedish National AED registry in 2009. David also holds a PhD in medicine from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and the topic for the thesis was optimal location for AED installation and logistics to increase AED use.

Ross Venhuizen

Ross is the Director of Product & Engineering for Motorola Solutions’ European control room business. He started his career with Motorola in 2014 working on their American software portfolio. Ross contributed in various capacities across Marketing, Strategy, and Acquisitions as the company grew their 911 and CAD business to the largest in the US. He was recognized in 2018 with the IWCE Young Professionals Award, as part of the next-generation of leaders in communications technology shaping the future of the industry.

Outside of public safety, Ross has an MBA from Stanford University and has worked at several other technology companies including Google and Aimchess.