June 19, 2024

112 AWARDS 2025: Submit your story!

We would like to inform you that EENA is considering having the 112 Awards Ceremony back in 2025, as part of our annual event (9-11 April 2025 in Helsinki). Since 2008, the 112 Awards Ceremony aims at rewarding citizens and public safety organisations that have done a small or big deed to help improve the […]

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June 18, 2024

EENA Responds to European Commission White Paper on Digital Infrastructure Needs

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) has submitted its official response to the European Commission’s consultation on the draft White Paper titled “How to Master Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Needs.” EENA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this critical dialogue and emphasises the paramount importance of advanced digital infrastructure in enhancing emergency communications and ensuring the […]

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May 16, 2024

French Authorities Misuse Cell Broadcast Technology to Send an “Extremely Serious” Alert Providing Information About the Paris Olympics in More Than Two Months

[Version en français après le texte en anglais] On 13 May 2024, authorities in Paris sent a message via cell broadcast to people in some parts of Paris to inform them about the security plan of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The cell broadcast message was labelled as “extremely serious”. Shortly after, “social media was […]

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April 24, 2024

EENA Launches AI Special Project to Enhance Emergency Call Centres’ Efficiency

24 April 2024 – The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) is pleased to announce the official launch of its AI Special Project, an initiative set to run in seven European countries, including Finland, Sweden, Germany, North Macedonia, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. This collaborative effort brings together four companies in the field of AI technology – […]

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March 27, 2024

Another delay in AML deployment in Poland

While we recognize the steps taken towards implementing a technology proven to save lives by providing accurate location data to emergency services, the timeline for the deployment of AML in Poland is a cause for significant concern.

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March 12, 2024

EENA Turns 25!

Today, 12 March, the European Emergency Number Association (EENA 112) celebrates its 25th anniversary: a quarter of a century advocating for better public safety in Europe and beyond. Founded in 1999 by Olivier Paul-Morandini, EENA has been at the forefront of public safety and the transformation of emergency services to better meet the needs of […]

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February 11, 2024

112 Day 2024: How Does Your Country Compare?

On 112 Day 2024, the European Emergency Number Association (EENA 112) has released a report, delving into how different European countries can improve in terms of their emergency response, as well as their strengths and adherence to mandatory EU legislation. Europe’s universal emergency number, 112, is a critical lifeline, connecting citizens to lifesaving services in […]

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February 9, 2024

Public Safety Answering Points: Global Edition 2023

Discover emergency call handling in 64 countries The 2023 edition of the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) report is out! Our annual update continues to comparatively assess the structure and procedures of PSAPs globally. The report looks at many different countries to understand their differences and give a comprehensive understanding of the most recent upgrades […]

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December 19, 2023

The ENGAGE project concludes after three and a half years of research and collaboration

As of the end of December 2023, the ENGAGE project has concluded its work after three and a half years of research, collaboration, and contribution to current understandings of societal resilience.

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December 14, 2023

Public Safety Industry Directory – December 2023 Update

The latest edition of the “Who-is-who in the Public Safety Industry” is now available! Our latest update provides you with a comprehensive overview of the most recent solutions available in the public safety industry from over 90 companies worldwide and aims to bridge the gap between all stakeholders in the emergency services field. With the sector […]

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