EENA is involved in monitoring and contributing to standardisation work related to emergency services mainly through participating in different standardisation bodies and providing expertise.

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EENA is a full member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

We are closely following the standardisation work on emergency telecommunications. Cristina Lumbreras, EENA’s technical director is the chair of the ETSI Special Committee on Emergency Telecommunications EMTEL. This group has worked and published crucial standards for the emergency services community on Advanced Mobile Location, Next Generation 112 and the Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps Architecture.


Published deliverables from ETSI EMTEL


NG112 Plugtests

Next Generation emergency communications are changing the way we handle emergencies, making it possible for emergency services to receive more and different types of data. But for NG technology to be effective, it needs to be standardised and interoperable.

The NG112 Plugtests provide the unique opportunity for all stakeholders to trial the components along the full chain of NG112 emergency response. Through different scenarios and tests cases, the interoperability and conformity of market solutions are examined and validated.

EENA cooperates as liaison organisation with CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation. EENA is specifically involved in TC278/WG 15 e-Safety (eCall) following the standardisation on eCall. The main work of this group is currently focused on eCall for other types of vehicles and Aftermarket eCall.


eSafety eCall CEN/TC 287/WG15


You can find a list of standards here that affect the implementation of public warning systems.


Below are a list of standards relevant to eCall:

  • ‘Intelligent transport system – ESafety – PanEuropean eCall operating requirements’ (EN 16072:2022)
  • ‘Intelligent transport systems – Esafety – ECall High Level Application Requirements (HLAP)’ (EN 16062:2023)
  • ‘Intelligent transport systems – eSafety – eCall High level application Protocols (HLAP) using IMS packet switched networks’ (CEN/TS 17184:2022)
  • ‘Intelligent transport systems – eSafety – eCall end to end conformance testing’ (EN 16454:2023)
  • ‘Intelligent transport systems – ESafety – ECall end to end conformance testing for IMS packet switched based systems’ (CEN/TS 17240:2018)