EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a non-governmental organisation. Our mission is to contribute to improving people’s safety & security.

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Many Europeans cannot call 911 when traveling to the US

Discover the roots of this problem and the way forward to address it
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Deadline to implement public warning

The majority of EU countries are still not complying with the EECC

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8 recommendations to get the most out of Public Warning Systems


We have made our mission to improve the safety and security of the people in Europe
and beyond. How can citizens get the best help possible if they find themselves in an emergency? This is the question we continuously try to answer.

To that end, we want to be the organisation in the sector driving change and making an impact. What we do, we do it for the people we serve, and we never forget it. We intend to be a highly effective, efficient and fast-moving organisation, trusted and credible for our actions, intentions and results. 


we focus on:

Advanced Mobile Location

Accurate caller location in case of an emergency is one of the most significant pieces of information for emergency call takers.

Next Generation 112

NG112 architecture opens emergency services to today’s ways of communications in a standardised way.

Public Warning

Efficient, multi-channel Public Warning Systems allow public authorities to quickly alert the population of an ongoing crisis or imminent threat.

Emergency apps

EENA works on interoperability of Mobile emergency Apps.


EENA’s work on drones aims to improve public safety and enable spaces for emergency services to learn from each other.

Tech & Public Safety Programme

This programme intends to offer a platform where developers can present their product and get feedback from emergency services on their new solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and specifically Machine Learning (ML), are being tested an increasing number of fields, including data-centric environments.

Transnational Database

The Transnational Database is a single source reference for PSAPs in EU countries.
This database of long-numbers ensures that emergency services can communicate across borders.