Advanced Mobile Location & Android Emergency Location FAQ now available!

Still questions about AML or AEL? Check the FAQ and find the answers to the main questions EENA has received...

Shortly after its conception in the United Kingdom, Advanced Mobile Location brought big changes in the public safety field. A solution to one of the main problems emergency services face, i.e. caller location, never seemed simpler.

With full deployments already in the United Kingdom, Estonia and Lower Austria, and many more countries lining up, Advanced Mobile Location (AML) and Android's Emergency Location (AEL) have become one of the hottest topics in the emergency services world.

Stakeholders from all over Europe have contacted EENA with questions and comments. That is why EENA decided to compile a FAQ document with all important information for everyone to consult.


Would you like to know more? Get an overview of AML, AEL and EENA's work on the topic HERE.

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EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a Brussels-based NGO set up in 1999 dedicated to promoting high-quality emergency services reached by the number 112 throughout the EU. EENA serves as a discussion platform for emergency services, public authorities, decision makers, researchers, associations and solution providers with a view to improving the emergency response in accordance with citizens' requirements. EENA is also promoting the establishment of an efficient system for alerting citizens about imminent or developing emergencies.

The EENA memberships include more than 1300 emergency services representatives from over 80 countries world-wide, 80 solution providers, 15 international associations/organisations, more than 200 Members of the European Parliament and over 90 researchers.