Every year, 11 February is a day to celebrate all those who contribute to the European emergency services chain.

Over the past 10 years, on this official 112-day, emergency services celebrate their work and remind citizens of the importance of the European emergency number.

Awareness campaigns, open days, activities for children, emergency services organisations honouring and rewarding their employees, etc. These were some of the initiatives carried out in recent years.

It is time to change things.

For 2021, and after one of the most challenging and difficult years for these professionals, we propose the creation of a “thank you chain”.

Through this chain, citizens can acknowledge the extensive and unconditional work of these professionals by sharing their stories.

We want to know your story and most importantly, we want to know the story of those who save you.

We also encourage emergency services to share with us the stories that impacted them most during a working shift.

Citizens can acknowledge the dedicated work of emergency professionals by sharing their stories and saying thank you ! (e.g. sharing an example of the incredible work of emergency services that they have experienced or a story of themselves/someone they know being rescued/cared for)

  1. You can join the #thankyouchain by thanking other emergency professionals for their dedication and hard work (perhaps someone in your team or a specific service which you feel deserves special recognition).
  2. You can share a story that has impacted you most during a working shift over the last year (or several stories). An example. This will give a chance for your voice to be heard and for people to understand the reality of working in the emergency field.

Please  also share this with your colleagues and any organisation you know that would be able to highlight this campaign to citizens/other emergency services, so that emergency professionals in your country get the recognition they deserve on this special day.

You could have the opportunity to make your story one of the chosen ones to be honored at the 112 Awards Ceremony during the EENA Conference 2021, where you could have the possibility to say thank you to your heroes live in Riga, Latvia.

Join our campaign…Say thank you to the people who are always there for us.

To participate, simply share your stories with us on social media (but please wait until 11 February to post!) using the hashtags #112Day2021 #thankyouchain. Don’t forget to tag us.