Promotional material

112 promotional material


Below, you may find a set of promotional material dedicated to raising awareness of the European emergency number 112.

Please note that not all material provided below are produced by the European emergency number association.

You can use this material free of charge. Please note that you are allowed to edit the material only upon notifying the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), by sending an email to Petros Kremonas at


112 Images


Images promoting the European emergency number 112 can be found in different formats, sizes and styles to accommodate as many cases as possible. The list of images is frequently updated, so we advise you to visit this page when you are in need of new 112 promotional material.


Click on the link below to find a selection of images, including posters, banners and stickers.





Click on the link below to find promotional videos produced by the European Commission and EENA.




112 logo

Click on the link below to find the official 112 logo.


112 LOGO


112 Music

Click on the link below to find the 112 song in several languages, including English and French.




How TO use social media in an emergency

Click on the link below to find the infographics providing recommendations on using social media during a crisis.