When I was just 18 years old, I had an extraordinary experience as an ambulance driver during civil service. Then, after graduating in nursing, I was attracted to working in the emergency response field.

I first started out as a dispatcher and HEMS nurse, now I’m in charge of staff training. I wanted to engage in this role because I think that at some point, you need to share your experience with others.

I don’t have a role model, because following one role model means you replicate the right things but also the mistakes. I think it’s better to take positive points from many people.

What inspires me? I don’t think there needs to be a specific reason to help people, and my job is immensely rewarding when a patient thanks you, even though it’s not necessary.

There are two experiences that change the way you look at your work: the first death of a patient and the first death of a family member. The second one makes you understand what people really feel.

In this job, it certainly helps to transfer calmness to people, and not to react to insults and threats, though the most important thing is the cohesion within the team not only so procedures are followed correctly, but also to support each other through hard times.