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NG112 implementation in Europe – Demystifying the ESInet and Next Generation Core Services

This blog post aims to demystify the implementation, operation and regulation of ESInets and NGCS by providing a clear and straightforward explanation of the architecture and components described in TS 103 479 so that public authorities, public safety answering points (PSAPs), electronic communications networks and service providers can readily identify their respective roles and responsibilities in enabling IP-based emergency communications at the national level.


Beyond the Reporting Deadline: Shifting Focus to Monitoring and Enforcement of Emergency Caller Location Accuracy and Reliability

Today, 5 March 2024, marks the deadline for EU Member States to report to the European Commission on criteria adopted at national level for the accuracy and reliability of caller location information for emergency communications from landlines and mobile phones. With the box now ticked on this reporting obligation, the focus shifts to the monitoring and enforcement of these crucial standards.

Young man with hearing problems or hearing loss. Hearing test concept. High quality photo

A Case Study of Accessibility: 999BSL

In this blog, Katie Hanson, Senior Consumer Affairs Manager at Ofcom UK, explains 999BSL – a service introduced in 2022 that allows deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users to access emergency services in their first language. How does 999BSL work, and what was the process of consulting sign language users to ensure the service met their needs? What are the key requirements for 999BSL and how does it ensure equivalent access? What were the challenges, and how did the service overcome these? Find out more below.