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Can AI & VR solve the challenges of our first responders?

As we accelerate into a digital-first future, there are some jobs that can never be replaced. Emergencies happen all the time and the first responders are crucial players in controlling the damage and saving lives. Ambulance workers, firefighters, police officers; all these workers are needed in extraordinary times. And they are people, the same as the ones they’re saving. So who is helping them?


ISCRAM: bridging the gaps between research and public safety

Research on public safety requires collaboration among academic, industry, and government professionals to develop pragmatic solutions to real-world problems and, at the same time, explore future problems to prepare how to solve them. This blog post introduces collaborative research on public safety performed by the ISCRAM community. It suggests opportunities for public-safety professionals who would like to participate and shape this research to address timely issues related to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.