Every 11 February, we celebrate European 112 Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the European emergency number 112.

This year, we want to use this opportunity to celebrate all those working in the emergency services field, from disaster planners, search and rescue pilots, CPR trainers, to emergency call takers, paramedics, police officers, firefighters (and everyone in between!). And we’re inviting you to get involved and tell us what your job means to you !

On 112 Day (February 11th), people working in emergency professions from across Europe and beyond will be sharing their experiences and stories on social media with #HumansOf112. You can all be involved !

Alongside, EENA will be sharing over 15 portraits on social media from different professions in different EU countries. Please support our campaign by sharing our posts with your networks. They will also be released in a online gallery here on 112 Day and displayed at the Manneken Pis in Brussels.

The idea of the Humans Of 112 campaign is to highlight the fantastic people who work every day to save lives. Their work is often kept in the background and we don’t think it should be ! The campaign will help people feel closer to those who keep them safe and increase respect for these exceptional professionals, whose roles are often very challenging.

We also want to highlight those who do not immediately spring to mind when you think of emergency services, giving a voice to everyone working along the chain !

Every person working in the emergency field is invited to share a photo on social media of themself or a team photo with their colleagues, along with a message about what working in their job means to them. Think: What motivates you to do this job every day? What’s the most rewarding thing about your job? Is there an experience you’d like to share? 

Simply post it on 112 Day with #HumansOf112 and tag our social media accounts so we can help spread your message.

Emergency organisations can join us on this campaign by posting a team photo from your social media accounts with a message about your mission. You can also encourage your staff to get involved and post their own photo & message to highlight all the fantastic work they do (see above).

What if I don’t work in the emergency field?

Why not use 112 Day to thank those who dedicate their working lives to looking after others ! Post a message saying thank you to the #HumansOf112 in your area: don’t forget to tag them and us.