On 20 June, 100 attendees from around Europe joined us in Brussels for the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) workshop. Emergency services, public authorities, mobile network operators, and industry representatives gathered to learn and discuss the technology of AML and the improvement of caller location in emergencies in Europe.


the aim of the event

The workshop aimed at fostering the deployment of AML in order to provide improved caller location information to emergency services from all over the world. The event worked as a knowledge hub for all stakeholders to come together, discuss and learn more about this life-saving technology.


what is aMl?

AML is a caller location technique. An AML-enabled smartphone recognises when an emergency call is made and, if not already activated, activates the phone’s GNSS to collect the caller’s location information. The handset then sends an automatic SMS to the emergency services with the caller’s location, before turning the GNSS off again. The service can also use Wi-Fi, depending on which is better at a given moment. Note that AML is not an app.


* Please note that some presentations are not available due to confidentiality reasons.