EENA Responds to the European Commission Consultation on the Draft Delegated Regulation

The European Commission is seeking feedback on their draft delegated regulation for the ‘Emergency Communications – Improving Access Through the Single European Emergency Number 112’ initiative.

Until 12 September 2022, any citizen or organisation can provide feedback on the draft Commission Delegated Regulation through the ‘Have Your Say’ online portal maintained by the European Commission. Feedback will be considered by the Commission for finalising the initiative. Below, you can find EENA’s own response to the draft proposal as well as details on how to provide your feedback.

EENA welcomes this draft proposal for a delegated regulation supplementing Directive 2018/1972. The text presents measures to improve the way emergency communications are handled in the European Union and considers the benefits of packet-switched technology. However, EENA expects precisions on unclear provisions in the draft delegated regulation:

  • On caller location, EENA believes there should be a minimum degree of harmonisation at the EU level on the accuracy and reliability of the provision of caller location information of emergency calls;
  • On routing to the most appropriate PSAPs, the draft legislation remains unclear on whether mobile applications are seen as alternatives, or complementary, to native solutions and EENA expects clarifications on this matter; and
  • As the draft proposal requires Member States to adopt a roadmap on the transition of emergency communications from circuit-switched technologies to packet-switched technologies, EENA believes that the deadlines laid down in the European Accessibility Act should be taken into account within these roadmaps.

EENA’s full response, including elaboration on the above areas, can be found here (PDF).

You can provide your own feedback on the draft delegated regulation through the European Commission’s ‘Have Your Say’ portal here. To provide your feedback, scroll down to the section titled ‘Draft Act’ and click on the yellow ‘Give Feedback’ button (also available here). Below the button, you can find a download link to the full PDF of the draft delegated regulation. Please note, you will be required to either create or log in to an existing social media account.

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