European Commission Publishes Draft Delegated Regulation on eCall

The European Commission has published a draft delegated regulation to amend and supplement some of the current laws on eCall.

The 112 eCall automatically dials Europe’s single 112 emergency number in the event of a serious road accident and communicates the vehicle’s location and other relevant data to the emergency services. The purpose of the revision of Delegated Regulation (EU) No 305/2013 is to adapt the specifications of emergency call centres receiving and handling eCalls to 4G/5G telecommunications networks. The draft proposal intends to take into account this new reality and update the requirements with newer standards, such as EN 15722:2020 ‘Intelligent transport systems — eSafety — eCall minimum set of data (MSD)’.

The transition period to allow that change would run until 1 January 2026. Anyone can access the draft proposal and submit a feedback (whether a citizen or organisation), using the European Commission link here until 20 October:

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