Finland Announce Plans for RTT in 2025

112 Finland have announced their plans to incorporate Real-Time Text (RTT) into their 112 service in 2025. The service is based on the text written on the phone’s keyboard, which is visible to the recipient in real time.

Real Time Text or RTT (Real Time Text) is a service that enables recipients to see what you are writing, while you are writing. This is a useful technology for emergency communications, particularly for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Today’s smartphones have support for real-time text, but to benefit from the service it must be activated in the mobile networks in each individual country. The European Accessibility Act (EAA) states that at a minimum, real-time text (RTT) (annex I, section IV, Directive2019/882/EC) must have been transposed in the Member States’ national law by 28 June 2022 and these national measures should start being applied no later than 28 June 2025.

The plan in Finland is to use the service by calling the emergency number 112 either directly from the phone or through the 112 Suomi application. When an emergency call is connected, the system automatically offers a message option instead of voice. The use of real-time text input in an emergency notification does not require registration and is free of charge for the user.

This is a summary of a statement by 112 Finland:

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