Greece’s Civil Protection Plans 112 Upgrade with Accessibility in Mind

Greece’s Civil Protection, in collaboration with the local government, is on track further upgrade their next generation of 112 – with new accessibility endeavours in mind. Civil Protection plans to create registers of people with disabilities in every municipality in Greece. In particular, lists with contact details of persons with disabilities who live within the jurisdiction of each municipality are to be drawn up, following their prior consent, for the targeted planning of protection actions, taking into account the type of disability.

With 112 as a tool, Civil Protection is planning its “next day, the new generation” as the special Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps project (PEMEA). It is a pan-European network that enables emergency applications that have been developed in other European countries, to operate in Greece. This specific one will give the possibility to citizens – beyond the classic communication channels – to communicate via video, so that they can also be served in sign language.

This is a summary of an article published by The National Herald:

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