Meet the Tech & Ops Committee members for 2020

Emergency services expertise: What to keep an eye on in 2020

We all currently live in a world in constant evolution and unprecedently fast developments. Emergency services are not an exception, which is why at EENA we have rounded up our own team of technology and operations experts to catch up with the latest emerging trends and technologies, new players in crisis management, new communication channels, and much more.

The EENA Tech & Ops Committee works throughout the year, facilitating knowledge-dissemination via the production of added-value documents, and sharing expertise via webinars for EENA Members.

What will the Committee be up to in 2020?

Continuing the good (and hard!) work of 2019, the Committee will focus on topics related to Emergency services operations and technology, such as 112 Accessibility,  Geographic Information systems, Cybersecurity, Drones, and especially the future of telecommunications networks and Next Generation 112 among others.

Stay tuned to learn more about the new publications and webinars that we have in store this year, bringing to you top expertise among the public safety community.

See you there!

Meet our lineup of Chairs and Vice-Chairs

As every year, we give the warmest welcome to the newest additions to the Committee!

EENA would like to thank the 2019 Chairs & Members for their excellent work and contributions to the public safety community – looking forward to continuing collaborating together!

We cannot wait to start debating the latest emergency services topics with all of you. But until then, do not hesitate to share any questions or comments with Cristina Lumbreras, EENA Technical Director, at [email protected]

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