Public consultation launched on Digital Services Act package

The Digital Services Act intends to regulate digital services in Europe, from e-commerce to the protection of users. An important part of it is about illegal content online, which is an important challenge faced by emergency services nowadays.

The European Commission seeks to gather views, evidence and data from people, businesses, online platforms, academics, civil society and all interested parties to help us shaping the future rulebook for digital services.

The current regulatory framework for digital services dates back twenty years. It helped the growth of European digital services but it does not give answers to many of today’s pressing questions on the role and responsibility of online platforms, especially the largest ones.

The consultation tackles important issues for the emergency services and public safety community. For instance, the European Commission is gathering best practices in removing illegal content online.

To this end, any public safety organisation is invited to contribute until 8 September to this consultation, which also covers issues such as safety online, freedom of expression, fairness and a level-playing field in the digital economy.

The consultation can be accessed here.

Next steps 

The Commission is consulting the general public, digital service providers including online platforms, businesses who reach their consumers online, authorities, NGOs, academics and other concerned parties. Respondents are invited to submit their responses by 8 September 2020 in all official EU languages.The consultation will inform the Commission’s proposals for the Digital Services Act package, expected to be released at the end of the year.

Source: European Commission’s Press Corner
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