Today at the 112 Awards Ceremony 2019, EENA celebrated the modern-day heroes going beyond the norm to keep people safe.

We saw incredible rescues, a toddler rescued from a balcony by the ‘Spiderman of Paris’ and a tourist saved after falling down a crevasse in a glacier, with no idea where he was located. There were emotional moments: an Egyptian fisherman saving 73 people in his fishing boat during the Greek summer fires in 2018 and a paraglider who crashed in a remote area, reunited with the very people who saved him.

The audience were inspired by the dedication of MEP Dita Charanzova and the lifesaving use of app technology by emergency services. We smiled with witty social media campaigns and sat in awe as we heard of a 12 year old girl risking her life to save another.

Thank you to all the heroes who we celebrated, who help to drive change in emergency response and above all, save lives.

Read all of their stories here.