New document available now!

This document aims to explore in detail the actions taken by the Italian Ministry of Health to implement what is described in the European Commission Decision 2007/116/EC, to harmonise the various non-emergency services that currently exist, and to define a roadmap for the implementation of such services (and more) for the rest of the country.

The 116117 call centre serves as a medical consultancy and connects citizens with medical doctors at any time of the day or the week.

What actions has the Italian Ministry of Health taken to implement this decision? What is the current and future implementation of the European non-emergency number 116117? How does it work and what is the capacity for growth for this service?

EENA’s new document ‘116117 Deployment Plan in Italy and AREU Lombardy – Case Study’ answers these questions and, additionally, gives an overview of how Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza (AREU), Lombardy region’s 112 and ambulance service PSAP manager, has also taken the duty of setting up the 116117 service in the region.