Over the last years, Advanced Mobile Location (AML) has been transforming emergency response from the old continent to the land down under and beyond. Android Emergency Location Service, or ELS (Google’s version of AML) has been live since 2016. Since March 2018, AML is also supported on iPhone. The life-saving technology is here to stay.

AML allows smart phone technology to pass GNSS or WiFi based location data to emergency services via SMS or HTTPS. In the vast majority of cases, AML provides outdoor and indoor locations with an accuracy of less than 50m and 25m radius respectively.

That is why we are happy to announce the launch of the AML Conformance Programme, the latest step in guaranteeing the highest quality of AML provided to citizens in need.

AML Conformance Programme for public authorities

The Programme will verify the good functioning of AML within the operations of public authorities and public safety answering points (PSAPs). The Programme will reward the management and staff of the PSAPs with the distinction of compliancy with the EENA AML Programme and motivate those that have not attained the levels required to do so. Every step of the way, EENA will be there to assist and guide the PSAPs, as well as share best practices.

Public authorities will be able to benefit from the AML Conformance Programme free of charge.

Private companies providing ELS technology

Within this context, private companies who would like to become ELS suppliers will be asked to pass a conformance audit. This will consist of verification to ensure that: 1)  ELS is functioning well; and 2) ELS is being deployed using proper security hygiene (this will entail undergoing a security audit). Both types of verification will be a mandatory requirement for private companies wishing to deploy ELS.

More information?

Reach out to Benoit Vivier, EENA Public Affairs Manager at [email protected].