The last year was a year of change for emergency services and public safety.

Change thanks to new trends: including social media in crises, Waze data helping rescuers, and start-ups bringing their innovative ideas to the table.

Change due to new challenges, such as cybersecurity for emergency service organisations, managing multiple weather disasters and responding to multiple attacks.

Change thanks to progress, including with Advanced Mobile Location, the increasing use of drones by emergency rescuers and the establishment of modern public warning systems.

And the EENA community was there for it all!

We are happy to share with you the EENA Annual Report 2017 in an attempt to capture everything that happened in one short document: documents, webinars, events, new projects, legislation updates and more – all is here.

Once again, we were lucky to be surrounded by great people: partners, members and colleagues who push for change and for improving safety. To all those people, thank you!


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