Current digital trends have created a setting for crisis management & emergencies that to many it feels like “a whole new ballgame”.

The chaotic universe that we know will increasingly push leaders towards ever more complex steering, far exceeding the simple implementation of known principles and tools of “crisis management”.

New visions, new practices, new preparations are crucial to prevent our mega-crises from turning into high-intensity routs.

So how do you navigate this new and complex world? Two experts have joined forces to help you answer exactly that.

Take a look at the latest EENA publication where Patrick Lagadec and Nicolas Vanderbiest discuss crisis management, social media in emergencies, and how organisations should proceed from now on. The document provides readers with concrete recommendations focusing on mindset, expertise, training, procedures, means to reach the population and social media. The recommendations were also debated and agreed upon during the EENA Members Workshop (16-18 October, Brussels) by attendees of the respective session.

Patrick Lagadec is a Senior research scientist (retired) at the École polytchnique, France.

Nicolas Vanderbiest is a PhD Assistant at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, as well as Vice-Chair of the EENA Operations Committee.

EENA would like to thank both authors for the contributions to this document.