In April 2017, EENA announced that October 2017 will bring the launch of the EENA start-up programme, helping start-ups in the field of emergency services grow while benefiting public safety.

Now, it’s time for some great news: Julie Foulon joins the team as EENA’s Start-up Advisor, in charge of the preparation and implementation of the programme.

#CrisisTech: where innovation meets public safety
Are you wondering what the start-up programme is all about? It is about the creation of the largest CrisisTech incubator in Europe, located in Brussels, Belgium. The incubator will provide content and mentoring to start-ups from around the world active in the fields of emergency services, public safety and crisis.

Start-ups will be able to apply from all over the world, with Brussels becoming the global #CrisisTech meeting point.

Start-ups will be able to apply to the programme in the summer so stay tuned!

Meet the woman who will make Brussels the #CrisisTech hub of Europe
Julie’s name could easily be a synonym for start-ups. Among many other things, she is the founder of Girleek, a platform about new technologies and women, as well as the co-founder of MolenGeek, an incubator in Molenbeek, Belgium.

But we thought it’s better if you hear it from Julie herself. That’s why we met for a coffee to talk about #CrisisTech and the launch of the incubator. Here’s what she had to say:

Video: Meet Julie and #CrisisTech in less than 2 minutes

Want to reach out to Julie? Drop her a line on Twitter @Girleek or on LinkedIn.

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