In a nutshell

In April 2017, EENA announced that October 2017 will bring the launch of our start-up programme, a network dedicated to helping start-ups in the field of emergency services grow while benefiting public safety.

#CrisisTech: where innovation meets public safety

What’s the programme all about? It is about the creation of the largest CrisisTech incubator in Europe, open to start-ups from around the world working on drones, emergency apps, public warning, location technologies, Internet of Things, wearables, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), crowdsourcing and more…

Why this incubator?

Many start-ups gather expertise and a valuable skill-set, with dynamic people ready to take their innovative ideas to the next level.  But what is often missing is resources. That is where the CrisisTech incubator comes in: the programme is specifically designed to help start-ups active in fields of emergency services and public safety.

How can you get involved?

Join us and be part of the innovative network!

Become a Mentor for start-ups

Share your expertise and mentor the start-ups on topics including Business Building, Market Knowledge, Technology & Development and more. Mentors are welcome from both the public and private sector.

Interested? Just send an email to Jerome at [email protected]

Are you a start-up? Join the incubator!

Join the programme and don’t miss the opportunity to get:

  • Mentoring on organisational development and sustainable growth from experts.
  • Access to valuable EENA resources, including documents, webinars and more.
  • Access to the EENA emergency services and public safety network, and meet the top professionals in the field from public authorities to industry leaders.


Find out more about CrisisTech.