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Caller location in NG112: end-to-end approach

Ensuring that emergency services receive the precise and accurate location of a person calling the emergency number is essential for efficient and effective response. As the Next Generation 112 (NG112) architecture brings increased possibilities for emergency communications, what will this technological innovation mean for caller location?

NG112 not only provides a blueprint for modern, interoperable, and more accessible emergency services. It also standardises the way location information is transferred, formatted, and retrieved. The NG112 architecture can therefore be seen as an enabler for different location mechanisms, also bringing enhanced capabilities for routing to the most appropriate emergency call centre.

In our latest document, we explore scenarios using various end user devices (e.g. mobile phones, sensors, etc.) to find out about the different location options. Looking at the caller location mechanisms, we find out about their accuracy, time delay, location type and main purposes. We also examine the important role of NG112 in providing the foundations for the more accurate methods.