EENA is launching a special project on the conveyance of emergency communications and contextual data to PSAPs via Third Party Service Providers (TPSPs). EENA is seeking both PSAPs and TPSPs who would be interested in joining this special project.

In our report on Emergency Communications from Third-Party Service Providers – in which we concluded that TPSPs are valuable, necessary, and indeed becoming an inevitable part of providing emergency assistance – we found a number of barriers to seamless TPSP integration in Europe.

In order to address these barriers, EENA proposes to engage TPSPs, TPSP solutions providers and European PSAPs in a special project to address the identified barriers and to develop a harmonised approach to PSAP-TPSP relationships in Europe.

The aim of the project is to:

  • Define a proposal for a minimum set of data (MSD) for automatic exchange between TPSPs and PSAPs
  • Determine the most appropriate approaches for TPSPs to contact PSAPs in different emergency scenarios
  • Develop a template for a framework for bilateral agreements between TPSPs and PSAPs

The project will commence in 2023, with an estimated project duration of 6 months. Interest must be registered by Friday 13 January 2023. All information, including the registration form, timeline, and deliverables can be found on our full call for interest here.