Read below the press release of our partner DJI, regarding the preliminary findings of our common project.


DJI, the world’s leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, said Thursday that early search and rescue tests have found that a properly-equipped drone can find a missing person in a one-square-kilometer area within 20 minutes, more than five times faster than traditional methods, but new software developments will be key to putting that lifesaving potential into action.

DJI Director of Education Romeo Durscher discussed those preliminary findings in a presentation at the InterDrone conference in Las Vegas. In conjunction with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), DJI’s research with Ireland’s Donegal Mountain Search and Rescue found that while a five-person rescue team needs two hours on average to find a victim in one square kilometer, a drone can not only find that victim in 20 minutes, but can take additional active steps to achieve a successful rescue.

“As we study the search and rescue process, we realize that finding a victim in rough terrain is just the first part of the process,” Durscher said. “A drone also must be able to transmit images and GPS coordinates to other searchers and commanders as part of a coordinated software solution, deliver small rescue payloads to a victim, and serve as a beacon to guide rescuers to the right spot. Drones are already being used to save lives around the world, but we believe working with experienced emergency responders is the right way to develop a strategic approach that will maximize their capabilities.”

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