We are happy to announce the launch of the ‘HELP 112’ project that will run for 1 year with the aim of improving caller location information transferred to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

HELP 112 is the pilot project on the design, implementation and execution of the transfer of GNSS data during a 112 call to a PSAP. Project partners will look at available technologies and future opportunities, test and assess them, as well as define requirements and recommendations for technologies enhancing caller location information at the European level in a cost effective manner. In this context, several solutions will be examined in four pilot sites. This project will also use the European GNSS solutions (Galileo, EGNOS).

EENA is delighted to join ‘HELP 112’ as a partner. Improving problematic caller location in emergencies is in the core of EENA’s work so we are looking forward to contributing to this cause and to the project's outcomes.

Full list of partners:

  • Telespazio France 
  • European Emergency Number Association (EENA) 
  • Creativity Software 
  • Ptolemus Consulting Group
  • 112 Emergency Response Centre (Lithuania) 
  • AREU – Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza   (Italy)
  • British Telecom (United Kingdom)
  • 144 Notruf Niederösterreich (Austria)

For more information, visit the project’s website, or contact Benoit Vivier at [email protected].

NB: This project receives funding from the European Commission.