Managing eCalls directly from cars and from Third Party Service Providers (TPSPs) will be a challenge in the coming months for all emergency service authorities. To that end, EENA has created an Agreement template between the aforementioned TPSPs and emergency services authorities, which will form the basis for informed discussions and negotiations between the two parties.

EENA believes that an agreement between both parties is needed in order to clearly establish procedures and requirements for how eCalls are handled by the TPSPs and how they are sent to the emergency services authorities. This document provides a template of the agreement to be signed by the authority in charge of emergency services and the TPSP. Key considerations have been given the responsibilities of both parties and whilst they may differ from Member State to Member State, there is sufficient flexibility in the template Agreement for any required changes.

EENA encourages the emergency service authorities to consider and use this reference document as the starting point for discussions and to begin this process at the earliest opportunity.

We would like to warmly thank EENA Operations Committee Co-Chairs Mr. Luca Bergonzi, Beta 80 Group, and Mrs. Iratxe Gomez, Atos, for their contributions to this publication.

You can read the document here.