The effective functioning of emergency services is fundamental for the safety and well-being of Europeans. Yet, there is significant progress to be made for the European Union to reach the standards people need.

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) has valuable expertise in the field. With the view of improving emergency response in the EU and with citizens’ best interests in mind, EENA has responded to four consultations pertaining emergency services, namely:


  • European Commission’s Public Consultation on telecommunications
  • BEREC’s (Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications) Consultation on accessibility
  • BEREC’s Consultation on Over The Top (OTT) services
  • BEREC’s Consultation on the Internet of Things

EENA brings key issues to the attention of the European Commission and BEREC, as well as suggestions on how to address them, including: awareness of the European emergency number 112, caller location in emergencies, bringing European legislation in-line with knowledge, technology and processes available today, providing equal access for people with disabilities, and providing access to the emergency services via tools Europeans use in their everyday life (such as internet communication services).

For more information, please read EENA’s full responses: