Since December 2020, the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC)1 requires all Member States in the European Union to retrieve end users’ location with Advanced Mobile Location (AML) when they contact emergency services.

Advanced Mobile Location is a standardised technology which is a simple and cheap to implement and has helped emergency services save many lives in all the countries where it has been deployed.2 However, one year after the EECC deadline, and despite the many benefits of AML, several Member States are still not complying with this legislation. Poland is one of them.

Last week, EENA has sent a letter to the Minister of Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland Mr Mariusz Kamiński to raise his awareness on this important matter and urge his administration to take all the measures to implement AML without delay.

EENA remains at the assistance of any public authority to help deploy this life-saving technology.