EU legislation and its impact on emergency services

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2021 (6-8 October, Riga).

As technology continues to advance, more and more citizens expect to be able to use modern means of communication to reach emergency services. This trend, coupled with new legislation, such as the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), mandate national authorities to adapt their emergency communications handling system. A more accurate caller location information, improved accessibility to emergency services and a more effective public warning system are some of the new EU requirements.

But legislation might be tricky to understand and many countries have still not fully achieved all targets set out in this EU Directive. Such shortcomings are likely to expose the authorities to sanctions but more importantly put their citizens’ lives at risk.

Looking forward to hearing the experiences of countries that have already overcome the challenges and benefited from the implementation of this EU legislation?

Take a sneak peek below at some #EENA2021 sessions that will bring you all the know-how to be fully at ease with EU legislation regarding the handling of emergency communications.