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When a citizen requires emergency assistance, they can make a telephone call to emergency services on a short code such as the pan-European emergency number, 112. Sometimes, a call to emergency services may be made by one party seeking assistance on behalf of another party – a Third-Party Service Provider (TPSP).

These entities make emergency calls seeking help on behalf of others regularly as part of their services to their clients. Traditionally, TPSPs emerged as local operations providing services in a single area.

In our latest document, “Emergency Communications from Third-Party Service Providers”, we looked into how Third-Party Service Providers (TPSPs) are involved in the emergency call handling chain. We dwell on:

  • Different types of TPSPs, like TPS eCall
  • We provide you views from PSAPs and TPSPs on the current arrangements in Europe for TPSPs
  • We share a set of recommendations for PSAPs to onboarding TPSPs

This document aims to stimulate discussion among countries and individual PSAPs to develop policies, working standards and agreements to ease the integration with and onboarding of TPSPs.