#EUVictimsDay is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the rights of victims of crime, as well as to fuelling the discussions on how to move towards better support mechanisms.

Our societies can benefit from existing technologies to address challenges to victim support; EENA is working on different topics that contribute to that cause.

Caller location

In an emergency every second counts. When a person calls the emergency services for help, they have the right to be found by emergency responders quickly and accurately. EENA is working to contribute to the improvement of emergency location so that victims of crime can get the help they need. An example? Advanced Mobile Location (AML), a caller location technique that drastically improves emergency location accuracy and is already taking Europe by storm.


People with disabilities, such as deaf and hard of hearing, have the same rights as anyone else. When a person with a disability is the victim of an attack, he/she must be able to access emergency services as easily as others. Take a look here and learn about our recent event on emergency services and European legislation, and its connection to accessibility to emergency services.

Public warning

EENA is an advocate for an efficient European public warning mechanism. An EU-wide public warning system should be in place, able to notify Europeans on their mobile phones about ongoing/upcoming threats.