Ready for the semi-finals? Don't forget: 112 is there for you!


Football enthusiasts are getting ready for the upcoming semi-finals of the 2016 UEFA European Championship, with many visiting France from around the world during the tournament.

The Football Supporters Europe Network (FSE) joins EENA’s fight to raise awareness of the common European emergency number. The message of 112 will be included in fan guide maps that will be distributed by the FSE to thousands of football fans from around the globe.

“Empowerment of grassroots football supporters is one of the core principles of our network, so we could not pass the opportunity to provide them with information that can contribute to their safety.” said Daniela Wurbs, in charge of Coordination at the FSE.

“This initiative can reach thousands of people who, in the event of an emergency, will know which number to dial for help” added Gary Machado, EENA Executive Director. “I would like to thank the FSE for this great contribution.”

Enjoy the rest of the tournament!


Remember that in case of an emergency, you can dial 112 anywhere in the EU to reach
the police, the fire brigade or the emergency medical services.



More about 112 in the Euro 2016
The official UEFA Euro 2016 fan guide app includes the message of 112. EENA would like to thank the Members of the European Parliament Françoise Grossetête as well as Éric Andrieu, Sylvie Guillaume, Élisabeth Morin-Chartier, Franck Proust, Michèle Rivasi and Virginie Rozière who, together with the organisers of the Euro 2016, made sure information about 112 and other emergency numbers is available to fans.

Different countries include the message of 112 to material provided to their citizens to help them be prepared in case of an emergency. See an example of the UK’s #BeOnTheBall campaign here.

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