29 October 2015 – Awareness of the common European emergency number 112 is alarmingly low: only 27% of EU citizens would dial it spontaneously in case of an emergency. One can expect that this number is much lower amongst non-Europeans visiting the European Union (EU).

The European Parliament (EP) adopted today a report on “new challenges and concepts for the promotion of tourism in Europe”. Article 36 of this non-binding report “highlights the need for travel agents and tour operators to promote the 112 European emergency number on relevant websites and e-tickets, and in the main tourist destinations”.

EENA congratulates the EP for including the European emergency number 112 in the report, as it is a fundamental element of travellers’ safety when in Europe. One can dial 112 everywhere in the EU, free of charge, 24/7, to reach the emergency services (police, emergency medical services, fire brigade).

Awareness of 112 amongst travellers is crucial. That is why EENA has established partnerships with airlines, airports and many other travel organisations around Europe to promote the European emergency number 112 via their websites, physical material and social media.

In the upcoming weeks we will announce new awareness campaigns undertaken specifically for travellers so stay tuned and to check the EENA website regularly.

Would you like to help by raising awareness of the European emergency number 112? Then, visit our website and find out how here.

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