How to overcome an emergency situation and prevent future threats

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2022 (27-29 April, Marseille).

Throughout #EENA2022 Conference (27-29 April 2022), we will host various sessions that will allow you to understand, cope and handle a crisis and prevent or mitigate future risks. 


Emergency response to the 2020 Beirut Explosion

On 4 August 2020, an explosion of an unprecedented magnitude hit the port of Beirut and its surroundings, causing 218 deaths, over 7000 injuries and important material damages in the city. Hospitals, which were themselves severely damaged, saw a quick influx of victims to treat urgently. In this keynote presentation, we will hear how the extraordinary emergency medical response to this crisis was set up.

Public perception of crisis communications

As a neuroscientist, Albert Moukheiber has been studying how our brains react to different types of messages. Why are we so susceptible to fake news? Why don’t we all prepare ourselves to face a disaster even when science and authoritative communication tells us to do so? Himself a former volunteer at the Lebanese Red Cross, Albert will be sharing with us his learnings.

Lessons learnt from the 2021 Floods in Belgium

In summer 2021, Belgium and several countries in Europe suffered dramatic floods.
Join us to hear about Catherine Delcourt’s experience in managing the crisis in the Province of Liège (Belgium).


Strengthening the engagement of civil society in transforming disaster management

Our society is increasingly exposed to complex risks, emerging threats and multidimensional hazards. Therefore, it is essential to enable communities to increase their resilience and empower them to build back smarter. This session brings together a cluster of European projects working towards a common objective: stronger, safer communities and increased resilience of all.

Considerations related to the war in Ukraine

In this session, we will explore disinformation tactics and their impact on emergency services.

We will also share a report on the humanitarian operation carried out by the “Pompiers de la Paix” (Peace Firefighters).


Preventing forest fires

Every summer, emergency services are confronted to an increasingly high risk of forest fires. During this session, speakers will discuss how to prevent and mitigate this risk.

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