Today, Ireland went live with Advanced Mobile Location, a life-saving protocol that allows emergency services to locate people in danger fast and accurately.

Benoit Vivier, EENA Advocacy Officer, congratulated the authorities for this great step towards the better protection of people.

Ireland is the 8th country in the world and 7th in Europe, to deploy the life-saving solution. The United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Iceland, Belgium and  New  Zealand are in the list of countres benefiting from accurate emergency location thanks to AML, with authorities reporting continuously how AML is a powerful tool that allows them to save lives.

What is AML in a nutshell?

An AML-enabled smartphone recognises when an emergency call is made and, if not already activated, activates the phone’s GNSS to collect the caller’s location information. The handset then sends an automatic SMS to the emergency services with the caller’s location, before turning the GNSS off again. The service can also use Wi-Fi, depending on which is better at a given moment. Please note that AML is not an app.

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