How to better measure and improve your PSAP performance & take care of your staff.

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2022 (27-29 April, Marseille).

On day 2 of #EENA2022 Conference (28 April 2022), we will host various sessions that will allow you to understand how other PSAPs work from an operational point of view and what can be done to help reduce risk and improve PSAP effectiveness.


Emergency Control Rooms Design

Workspace design, technology integration and ergonomics are often disregarded despite the fact that they definitely have an important impact on the call-taking process and on staff well-being. Join this session to hear about concrete examples.

Budget & tenders

Public safety is priceless, but it comes at a cost. In this session, we’ll explore how public safety organisations can best deal with financial changes, tenders and administrative processes.

Ensuring continuity of emergency communications

With recent outages of emergency numbers and growing concerns related to cyberattacks, ensuring continuity of service of emergency numbers is at the top of many public authorities’ agenda.

Preventing violence against emergency services

While emergency services dedicate their lives to keeping other people safe, we must think about protecting the protectors. What steps are being taken to reduce the violence towards emergency services?

Quality Assurance

How to make sure your PSAP provides services of high quality to people that need it most? In this session, you will learn how some PSAPs have set specific requirements, processes and procedures allowing them to measure and improve their performance.

Mental health of call-takers

In their work, emergency call-takers are sometimes faced with handling very difficult situations. Hence, providing mental health support to PSAPs staff is of paramount importance and presenters in this session will discuss the best ways to do so.