Harnessing technology to enhance emergency response

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2022 (27-29 April, Marseille).

Throughout #EENA2022 Conference (27-29 April 2022), we will host various sessions that will allow you to understand the benefits technology can bring to emergency services and identify what technological progress is being made in the industry.


NG-112 Deployment

The rollout of Next-Generation 112 continues apace in Europe and North America with implementation projects already completed or well advanced. In this session, an update on progress will be provided by representatives of three countries at the cutting edge of next generation implementation. They will share their experiences, challenges faced and benefits realised.

AED Mapping

It has been demonstrated multiple times that an early defibrillation significantly improves the chances of survival of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. In this session, you’ll hear how public authorities have developed digital registries of defibrillators to help locate the nearest defibrillators as quickly as possible.

Using data to anticipate, predict and respond to emergencies

From connected objects to artificial intelligence, data has become increasingly present in today’s economy and societies. In this session, speakers will present how emergency services could make use of these data to better organise their work.


Vertical & Indoor Location

Thanks to Advanced Mobile Location (AML), emergency services can now quickly obtain the accurate location of a caller. However, locating someone inside a building or determining the vertical position of the caller can still be problematic. In this session, the speakers will present different technologies to obtain vertical and indoor location.

Emergency control rooms design

Workspace design, technology integration, ergonomics are often disregarded while it definitely has an important impact on the call-taking process and on staff well-being. Join this session to hear about concrete examples.

Video communication to PSAPs – a human perspective

With new information and communication technologies, there is a growing demand to make it possible for citizens to contact emergency services by video. But allowing video communication with PSAPs comes with many challenges, both for the caller and the call-taker. In this presentation, the speakers will focus on the human experience in the video communication with PSAPs.


Industry sessions – Track 3
All industry sessions are focused on technological solutions available on the market!

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