The challenge

More and more tech companies are developing products that aim to connect users with emergency services in case of danger. While some have helped to save lives, there have also been many issues and safety features have often not delivered to their full potential due to lack of communication between developers and emergency services. In some cases, emergency services are not even informed of new solutions allowing citizens to connect with them in their country.

EENA’s initiative

To fill in this gap and to follow up on a position paper published on the matter in December 2019, EENA has set up a programme to allow tech companies to seek feedback from emergency services on the potential of their new products, such as connected objects, virtual assistants, sensors…

How does it work?

The first part of the EENA Tech & Public Safety programme consists of a list of basic requirements that any developer must comply with. These requirements, developed by a special working group of national emergency services representatives, are necessary for emergency services to do their work correctly and assist people in distress. If all the requirements are met, the developer can fill in a form to provide basic information about the solution being developed. This form will then be sent to national emergency services representatives, who will assess the product based on the requirements and how useful it would be. The feedback will be reported to the solution developer.

Why join this programme?

For tech companies:

  • Make sure your products will properly connect to emergency services.
  • Get feedback from public safety professionals on how useful the products you are developing will be.
  • Understand the specific requirements of emergency services.

For emergency services:

  • Stay informed of upcoming products.
  • Help developers to shape products according to your specific needs.

Get started…
Find out more about this programme, consult the list of basic requirements and even start seeking feedback here.