Today at the EENA Conference 2019, EENA announced a call for applications for a new project – Launching the Deployment of Next Generation 112 (NG112) – to both modernise how citizens can reach help in case of emergency and to interconnect emergency services. Consortium, including public authorities and middle-tier companies, are invited to apply. The year-long project will build the foundations for practical deployment of NG112 and the future of emergency call-handling in Europe.

NG112 is about making it possible for emergency services to receive not just voice, but location information, real-time text, photos, video calls and other data. For this, emergency services have to modernise their communications technology and open them to internet-based communications. There is a growing necessity to switch to internet-based emergency communications, as the Public Switched Telephone Network for traditional voice calls will soon be phased out.

EENA’s new project will test and deploy the NG112 architecture in different European countries. It will focus on demonstrating its use in real-life environments.

Proposed test situations include routing based on location, video and real-time text communications, calls through connected objects and broadcast of public warning messages through home speakers. Consult the project description for more information. The use cases are not exhaustive; interested participants are invited to propose additional test situations.

Read about the project in the press here.

In order to apply for the project, consortia must ensure that they can test a full NG112 call between user equipment and a PSAP based on international standards. Each consortium must involve at least one PSAP.

Different types of stakeholders may be needed, including:

  • Device providers
  • Telecommunications providers
  • NG112 architecture components
  • CAD providers
  • Emergency services organisations

Interested participants should email Cristina Lumbreras, [email protected] before 15 June 2019. Full details on the call for application and the information required are available in the call for proposals.