The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) announces that OnStar Europe Ltd. is the first company to be awarded the EENA Certificate of Quality specifically created for Third Party Services (TPS) Providers handling vehicle-based emergency requests. The Standard was developed to maximise the quality of TPS emergency call services for European citizens.

For the first time, the programme – developed by the EENA – allows TPS providers handling vehicle-based emergency requests to benchmark themselves against a Standard which is specific for their mission. It focuses on working procedures and operational issues, such as personnel training, adherence to quality principles and documentation processes and procedures.

“We are incredibly proud to have earned the Certificate of Quality from EENA,” said Brian McCreavy, managing director OnStar Europe Ltd., “which proves how committed we are to our customers’ safety, and aiding the emergency professionals helping our OnStar Subscribers in emergency situations.”

The Certificate is awarded for a duration of 3 years and is reviewed annually. The programme is focused on the principle of benchmarking. Each TPS provider is judged against specific audit criteria relating to the delivery of their overall service. In this way, the audit allows the TPS provider to identify any gaps that may exist in its service and equip it to make the necessary changes to comply with the programme requirements.

Through this certification programme, the vision is that European citizens will have access to consistent, high-quality TPS provider emergency services.