We are very happy to present to you the final report of the 'EENA Members Workshop' and 'Meet your MEP' events that took place on 19-21 October in Brussels, Belgium.








Did you know? More than 150 Members of the European Parliament joined the "Meet your MEP" event to discuss with emergency services representatives how we can improve emergency response and citizens' safety.

We want to thank all of them for their support and encouragement!

Take a look at the storify below and see some of the "Meet your MEP" event's highlights.


Interested for more? Learn everything about the events in the official report prepared by EENA!

Find out about:

  • The workshops: Read the summary of each workshop, as well as the recommendations and next steps that were agreed by EENA members;
  • The topics: caller location in an emergency, social media, 112 apps, eCall and much more…
  • Figures and photos of the ‘Meet your MEP’ event;
  • The contributors to the workshops;
  • Much more…



EENA Members Workshop: The event aimed at fostering the sharing of experience, best practices and ideas in the emergency services field. Participants worked in small groups with the objective to produce technical, operational and legal requirements for each topic.

Meet your MEP event: This was a unique occasion for EENA Members to conclude on the debates of the previous days and submit the recommendations of the workshops to the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of their home country. This was done through discussion tables in order to improve the quality of emergency services in the European Union.