Discover emergency call handling in 57 countries

Public Safety Answering Points: Global Edition 2020

Technology is continually advancing, and many national authorities are adapting their emergency call handling systems. New legislation, such as the European Electronic Communications Code in the European Union, is influencing change in many countries. The structure and procedures of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in one country can also be significantly different from those in another. That’s why we release an annual update of PSAPs across the globe… and the 2020 edition is out now!

What can I learn about?

Being an information-packed report covering 57 countries, we don’t have enough room here to mention all the topics in the document! But some of the questions you can find answers to are:

  • How are emergency calls handled and by which organisations? Are PSAPs interconnected and how?
  • How are emergency services made accessible for persons with disabilities?
  • When are PSAPs upgrading to Next Generation technology (NG112)?
  • How about the status of eCall, Public Warning Systems, AML, drones, apps…?
  • What updates and reforms are foreseen?

To keep up with emergency services’ priorities, this year we’ve introduced new information about processes and certifications for ensuring cybersecurity. This is also the first edition to use our recently updated emergency call handling models, which can be applied to countries across the world.

Would you like access to the full document? Please contact Jérôme Pâris at [email protected]