Chile has a significantly high exposure to disaster risk, with extreme natural events being a major part of its history.

The situation has pushed the country to strengthen its resilience, learning lessons after each major event suffered. Initially exclusively reactive, Chile has turned towards a more preventative attitude, making it today one of the leading countries in coping with major seismic events.

We are pleased to publish our latest document, Public Warning in Chile: Resilient Culture. The document highlights the risks faced by the 4000km long country and discusses how emergency response structures can be used effectively, with a special focus on the use of public warning systems.

EENA would like to thank the authors and contributors of this document, including EENA Members Maria Jesús Pérez Cotta (Spain) and Victor Orellana Acuña (Chile), as well as EENA team members Cristina Lumbreras and Ana Romero.