We are deeply shocked and saddened by the horrible war in Ukraine. All our thoughts are with the people and emergency services of Ukraine, as well as with all the families who are losing their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers in this war.

These past five days, we have tried to help some of our members who contacted us to contribute to the proper functioning of emergency services in Ukraine, so that emergency services can continue to save lives. We will continue to do so and we urge all to allow emergency services to do their work and have unhindered access to persons in need.
If you are currently in Ukraine, here are the emergency numbers you can use to get help: Police – 102; Ambulance – 103; Fire – 101; Gas emergency – 104. 112 and 911 from mobile phones should be offering access to emergency services as well.

*Please note that we cannot confirm that these numbers are still functioning in the entire territory of Ukraine today.